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Indie/obscure/foreign film fanatics I.N.C [entries|friends|calendar]
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Monroe's Pills - Rats In The Thorax / 2011 [03 Mar 2011|09:10pm]


01 Do Not Trust Man With Big Scissors
02 Sexy Nuns
03 Robots Are Dying
04 Blame You
05 The Big Grey Cloud
06 Hellaby
07 Childhood In the Forest
08 Policeman'll Kill Me Tomorrow
09 Rats
10 Greatman and Toys Teeth

mp3 / 320 kbps / 123 MB

downloadCollapse )
There are alone, but not lonely.

Monroes Pills(msk), Surtsey(spb) @ "Шоколадная Фабрика" (Москва) [18 Oct 2009|02:41pm]

Monroe’s Pills(msk), Surtsey(spb)| BIG PRESENTATION - Experimental symbiosis of Live & Electronic Sounds@ «Шоколадная Фабрика»(msk)

_ http://www.myspace.com/monroespillsband
http://www.myspace.com/surtseysounds _
_ http://www.lookatme.ru/cities/moscow/events/77543
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A Clockwork Orange Icons [03 Aug 2009|05:21pm]


1-24 Michelle Williams
25-36 The Joker

37-54 A Clockwork Orange
55-78 The
Devil Wears Prada

78.png image by RubyBlue_01 81.png image by RubyBlue_01 80.png image by RubyBlue_01

more here @ my journal

There are alone, but not lonely.

[30 Jul 2009|02:43am]
Has anyone seen Drawing Restraint 9?

I saw the trailer for it on apple trailers years ago and haven't been able to see it anywhere. From what I gather Bjork marries someone on a giant cargo ship filled with vaseline. You can find the trailer on youtube.
There are alone, but not lonely.

im sorry if this is not allowed [11 May 2009|12:10am]

let me know and I will delete this if it is not allowed
(click picture)
There are alone, but not lonely.

Немыслимое (2009) Волшебная Одноклеточная Музыка (В.О.М.4, Москва) [19 Jan 2009|07:16pm]

Волшебная Одноклеточная Музыка (В.О.М.4, Москва)


Альбом записан на студии "Снегири" в Москве в тот день (08.08.08), когда началась грузинская война. Он представляет собой пьесу из двух частей, это воплощение идеи крупной формы в Волшебной одноклеточной музыке. Это не просто равномерная колбаса на час (мне, кстати, очень нравится альбом Nganga Delta), это штука с вполне ясным динамическим развитием, там много голосов, текстур, много всякого происходит. Специально на запись альбома из Минска приехал кудесник шума lla, а из Питера наш знаменитый Бимка, играющий пальцами на оголенных электронных платах. Кроме них и постоянных участников В.О.М.4, которые уже всем надоели так, что их представлять не буду, на саксе играл Борода, наш любимый московский саксофонист.

Этот альбом, вместе с Альбомом В.О.М.5 Nganga Delta, являются главными событиями года в Волшебной Одноклеточной Музыке на сегодняшний день!




There are alone, but not lonely.

Polish film fans? [13 Jan 2009|12:31pm]


I saw this film about 13 years ago, so I don't know if all the details are here or if I'm getting them right:

I believe it was a Polish film (I saw it in Germany, though), black and white, where a girl had to wear black because someone in her family had died.  She was friends with a boy and at one point, they were in the woods and she thought that a bug had gone up her skirt, and so he tried to find it, and it turned out to be a twig.  The boy also was friends with another boy who didn't have a family and he always wore a cabbage leaf on his head.  At the end of the film, when the credits rolled, the boy with the cabbage leaf on his head was running down a road.

Obviously I wouldn't be asking information about such a random movie, but this has been bothering me since I first saw it.

There are alone, but not lonely.

Волшебная Одноклеточная Музыка (В.О.М.4, Москва) [05 Jan 2009|07:53pm]

Волшебная Одноклеточная Музыка (В.О.М.4, Москва)
Концерт в Галерее Экспериментального Звука (ГЭЗ-21), г. Санкт-Петербург.

Офигительный концерт в легендарном питерском клубе. Кроме участников В.О.М.4 в выступлении принял участие оркестр духовых инструментов,  собранный Максом Бимкой, резидентом Волшебной одноклеточной музыки в Питере.

WEB-site: http://lesom.ru/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/unicellularmusic

There are alone, but not lonely.

Питер получает В.О.М.!! [26 Nov 2008|12:49pm]


There are alone, but not lonely.

karagarga [21 Nov 2008|11:34pm]

anyone with a karagarga invite want to send it to me pretty please? i hate living in a new country and not having a proper dvd player to watch movies. also, i'm cheap.
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МОНОНАСЛЕДИЕ ВОМ [06 Nov 2008|02:56pm]


Для того, чтобы играть Волшебную Одноклеточную Музыку нужно тренироваться. И хоть Рис Четэм и утверждает, что научить этому можно за полтора часа, результаты такой спешки не выдерживают никакой критики. Для того, чтобы играть Волшебную Одноклеточную Музыку нужно много тренироваться. В течении года В.О.М.4 записывали почти все свои тренировки на один микрофон торчащий посреди студии. В результате получилась документальная серия -mono-, которая дает представление о работе ансамбля, художественном методе и шагах на пути к совершенству, предпринимаемых первопроходцами Солнцецветов. Предлагаем вам скачать и насладиться этой уникальнейшей в своем роде серией, которая составляет более 15-ти часов убойного звучания.
дальшеCollapse ) http://www.myspace.com/unicellularmusic
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[03 Nov 2008|10:06pm]

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Cибариты Солнцецветов [14 Oct 2008|01:04pm]


Дуэт <Королевские Сибариты>, в котором Моночувак и Стереочувак играют крутейший этно-фолк, очень кропотливо работает над своими записями, чтобы отсечь все необходимое.

Дайте миру шанс, чуваки!

Моночувак: Гитара, Голос Джона
Стереочувак: Казахская чумовая скрипка, ксилофон, голос Ринго
И еще: СКОРО НОВЫЙ АЛЬБОМ СИБАРИТОВ "СИНДРОМ БУРАТИНО", созданный по мотивам Paranoida Блэксабат.
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Sans toit ni loi (1985) [18 Apr 2008|01:10am]
According to the last entry here, there hasn't been a post since the new year cracked open.
I would like to speak to you of a film that I can't stop thinking of since I viewed it two months ago.
This film is Vagabond , the astonishing film directed by Agnès Varda. I've since wanted to show it to others but haven't been able to get a hold of it, it can seemingly be found nowhere on the net' and to buy is around £40 in the uk, abroad...?
Anyhow. I've never thought so much about a film before. I've had films that have shocked me, took my breath away...films I've fallen in love with and damned for giving me an entrance into such worlds I don't want to know exist. Perhaps this film mirrors my own life too well that it has gripped me so, but I don't think its this. Sans toit ni loi is incredible in that every scene becomes a black and white photograph with movement, clarity, glass breaking beautiful music.
It's essentially a human gaze into adventure, loss, tragedy and humanity in the face of bitterness and cynicalism. A girl's body is discovered at the very beginning, a hitchhiker and vagabond. The film then breathes into what was her life, the people she met and touched. All the actors, bar one or two were found through travels and played their real roles. The story is based upon Varda's encounter with a girl similar to that of the main actress. The actress herself plays one of her first ever roles.

Anyhow. I would very much like to hear of worthwhile independent films to check out before I leave travelling again. I've devoured film these past six months but have found few that have transformed me. On the other hand, I've discovered Jim Jarmusch and Wim Wenders...worth all the mediocre films and more.
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[05 Sep 2007|03:18pm]


spread the word
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[08 Aug 2007|04:57pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Does anyone know if the set date of September 29th is when The Darjeeling Limited is supposed to come out?

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hey... [06 May 2007|01:39am]

cool, The Other Conquest finally came out. been waiting a few years now, but it's finally here in the USA and in select theaters no less. found out yesterday by accident, so i watched it tonight. much better than i expected in the first place. also had a great soundtrack. anyone have any other thoughts to add about the film?

check out the trailer here:

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! GRINDHOUSE ! [24 Apr 2007|10:42am]

So Grindhouse wasn't exactly obscure, but Rodriguez & Tarantino's films do attract a more obscure audience.

The Rest Behind a Cut to avoid spoilers, though the plot in the film doesn't really matterCollapse )


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We had our mind set... [27 Mar 2007|12:19am]

Has anyone seen Four Eyed Monster? Sadly, I missed it tonight. I read the summary and it seems good though.
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Boffo Box Office [25 Jan 2007|12:05pm]

February 5th at 7pm.
An evening of burlesque education and entertainment and chocolate!
Join us at Coolidge Corner Theater for the Lady of Burlesque, starring Barbara Stanwyck!
Before the movie burlesque historian David Kruh (author of Always Something Doing: Boston's Infamous Scolly Square) takes us on a tour of Boston's burlesque history!
Then after the movie, The Boston Babydolls Burlesque Troupe take the stage for an eye-popping, bumping, grinding, show starring Miss Mina, Jezebel Pussycat, and Dominque Immora!
After the show! Join us a couple doors down for the Boston Babydoll's Chocolate After Party at Finale! 
Have a bon-bon with one of our delectable cuties!
All proceeds go to the Professional Burlesque Society organizers of the Great Boston Burlesque Expo taking place February 16th - 19th at the John Hancock Convention Center!
It's a good cause and good place to bring a date!

Boffo Box Office
Monday, Feb. 5 7pm
The Coolidge Corner Theatre
290 Harvard St, Brookline MA 02446
There are alone, but not lonely.

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