Jezebel (jezebelpussycat) wrote in indie_obscure,

Boffo Box Office

February 5th at 7pm.
An evening of burlesque education and entertainment and chocolate!
Join us at Coolidge Corner Theater for the Lady of Burlesque, starring Barbara Stanwyck!
Before the movie burlesque historian David Kruh (author of Always Something Doing: Boston's Infamous Scolly Square) takes us on a tour of Boston's burlesque history!
Then after the movie, The Boston Babydolls Burlesque Troupe take the stage for an eye-popping, bumping, grinding, show starring Miss Mina, Jezebel Pussycat, and Dominque Immora!
After the show! Join us a couple doors down for the Boston Babydoll's Chocolate After Party at Finale! 
Have a bon-bon with one of our delectable cuties!
All proceeds go to the Professional Burlesque Society organizers of the Great Boston Burlesque Expo taking place February 16th - 19th at the John Hancock Convention Center!
It's a good cause and good place to bring a date!

Boffo Box Office
Monday, Feb. 5 7pm
The Coolidge Corner Theatre
290 Harvard St, Brookline MA 02446
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