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Sans toit ni loi (1985)

According to the last entry here, there hasn't been a post since the new year cracked open.
I would like to speak to you of a film that I can't stop thinking of since I viewed it two months ago.
This film is Vagabond , the astonishing film directed by Agnès Varda. I've since wanted to show it to others but haven't been able to get a hold of it, it can seemingly be found nowhere on the net' and to buy is around £40 in the uk, abroad...?
Anyhow. I've never thought so much about a film before. I've had films that have shocked me, took my breath away...films I've fallen in love with and damned for giving me an entrance into such worlds I don't want to know exist. Perhaps this film mirrors my own life too well that it has gripped me so, but I don't think its this. Sans toit ni loi is incredible in that every scene becomes a black and white photograph with movement, clarity, glass breaking beautiful music.
It's essentially a human gaze into adventure, loss, tragedy and humanity in the face of bitterness and cynicalism. A girl's body is discovered at the very beginning, a hitchhiker and vagabond. The film then breathes into what was her life, the people she met and touched. All the actors, bar one or two were found through travels and played their real roles. The story is based upon Varda's encounter with a girl similar to that of the main actress. The actress herself plays one of her first ever roles.

Anyhow. I would very much like to hear of worthwhile independent films to check out before I leave travelling again. I've devoured film these past six months but have found few that have transformed me. On the other hand, I've discovered Jim Jarmusch and Wim Wenders...worth all the mediocre films and more.
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